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>> we'll check out. >> where's the scale. >> and the heat wave to go along with it. >> sticky mess. >> they should just hand it out to everybody as they drive by. >> sorry we held you up, here's a beer! monster storm. hurricane earl picks up strength as millions of people along the east coast prepare for the worst. a federal emergency already declared in north carolina, dave price live with the latest. discovery drama. a deranged man carrying a gun and at least three pipe bombs enters into a four-hour stand-off at the discovery channel's headquarters. police killed the suspect and saved the hostages. we will tell thank you motive behind his madness. wrong verdict? ammanda knox is serving 26 year in italy for the murder of her college roommate. an fbi agent said she's zmnt why the case against her was bungled from the beginning.
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and kicking the habit. this chain smoking 2-year-old shocked the world. now he's getting help and we have an exclusive look at his trip to smoking rehab "early" this thursday morning, september 2nd, 2010. captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs . good morning. i i'merica hill. good to have you with us this morning. >> steamy morning. >> we will get you more information on the situation at discovery. a man walks in waving a gun says he has what appeared to be explosives strapped to his body. fast forward, three hostages and he's killed. the all clear was than given until much later afterwards. we will speak with a police chief later and see how the
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hostages are doing. the latest hurricane earl. now packing 145-mile-per-hour winds. where it is going and what it is going to do. we are going to get it from our dave price who is in kill devil hills where a hurricane warning and evacuation order is in place. dave, good morning. >> good morning to you. the scene is very different than it was just 24 hours ago. winds picking up out of the east. you can see the beach still littered with people. those are people who are curious as to what the ocean is like as it begins to churn up for the storm. and people who are still making a decision whether to stay or whether to go. the beach is still beautiful this morning. very full with all these tourists. but inland and on the other side of the sand, the a very different story. the familiar sound of buildings being boarded could be heard on north carolina's outer banks as homeowners prepared for this. hurricane earl and its 140 miles
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per hour winds cauost $150 milln of damage in the caribbean is expected to brush the coastline late today or early friday. >> you never know what kind of flying debris you will get. >> reporter: residence have been ordered to leave the hatteras and ocracoke island. tourists along the coast are cutting vacations short. >> better be disappointed than get washed away. >> reporter: boat owners are taking them out or trying to secure moorings strong enough to withstand a category 4 storm. >> we had boats here for ten years. and this is probably the first time we can remember actually being afraid. >> offshore area within the next 72 to 76 hours. >> reporter: and over the coastline, coast guard storm patrol flights have begun broadcasting warnings to ships as everyone here hopes to dodge a bullet. >> got the tv on and my iphone. put to it the weather channel.
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we are watching. >> and what we are struck by here is how many people are waiting until the very last minute to make that decision. whether to stay or whether to go. in areas where there's not a mandatory evacuation. let's get to the numbers now in the graphics and show what's happening. strong category 4 storm. forward speed about 18 miles per hour. moving in the direction of the northwest. location now is 410 miles south-southeast of cape hatteras, maximum sustained winds of 145 miles per hour. we anticipate this storm is going to become a category 3 by about 2:00. as it comes to this shallower or cooler waters right by hatteras. it is going to be a category 2 storm by the time it rolls to new york friday afternoon. and by the time it gets to cape cod and the boston area, into new england, saturday during the afternoon, category 1 storm. but this storm means business. of course shall watches and warnings set up right along the coastline. and the most dangerous thing of all perhaps is going to be the rip current and the surf which
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could be present all the way down to florida and up to maine, all weekend long. very, very treacherous conditions regardless of what the sky is say. we lend l send it back to you and see new a little while. >> dave, thanks very much. here is erica. >> want to turn to the man who apparently hated the scoffy channel so much that he ended up holding three people hostage for four hours wednesday. that's before police shot him to death. cbs news correspondent wyatt andrew is at discovery channel's headquarters in silver spring, maryland, this morning with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you know, the discovery channel with its global networks of science and nature programs is not what you would expect to see a one-man environmental protest. but that seems what led to yesterday's hostage taking which ended when the gunman, 43-year-old james lee, was shot and killed by police. the stand-off began when james lee walked into discovery headquarters waving a gun and
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wearing what witnesses said looked like pipe bombs. he held a security guard and two discovery employees hostage in the lobby. the network first urged its 1900 employees by text message to proceed to a locked office. >> we got down on the floor. we prayed. >> reporter: then came the followup evacuate immediately. >> we had every employee out of the building in 20 minutes. >> reporter: during the stand-off, a tv producer reached the gunman by phone. >> do you have a gun? >> i have a gun and i have a bomb. i have several bombs strapped to my body. ready to go off. >> reporter: lee had a well-known but odd history of protesting at discovery. here two years ago, he threw $20,000 into the air in some kind of anti-corporate protest. but he had never been violent. >> he never got angry. he never raised his voice or anything. he's just a nice guy. >> reporter: lee's website was angry. demanding discovery air programming against
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overpopulation. he seemed upset by the discovery health show called "a baby story" which celebrates human birth. as negotiations went nowhere, police who were watching security cameras said lee aimed his gun. >> he pulled out the handgun that he came in with. and pointed it at one of the hostages. but at that point our tactical units moved in and they shot the suspect. >> reporter: late last night investigators found three explosives and dismantled them by robot. during the rescue yesterday, police also say that at least one explosive device went off but it was not large enough to do any harm. all three of the hostages escaped safely. erica? joining us now from police headquarters in rockville, maryland, montgomery county police chief thomas major. good to have you with us this morning. as we heard and saw from wyatt
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there, james lee had a history with discovery channel. he was arrested in 2008, charged with disorderly conduct and ordered to stay 500 feet away from that building. when you got this call then, did you have a good idea of the man you would be dealing with? >> well, we very quickly got that information from the security folks at discovery. discovery was aware of the threats that -- history with this man. the security guards working at discovery, i think still had the information, including a picture of mr. lee at their disposal. we were very quickly aware of who we were dealing with. >> this is an incredibly scary situation, obviously. especially for the folks involved. two employees and a security guard held hostage. they were able to evacuate the building. even after the suspect was killed, as you are looking at two boxes, a couple of bags, thinking that there could be explosives, at what point did you know, though, that, in fact, everyone was safe?
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>> well, it took a while. the -- when the suspect went down, first thing we needed to do was -- after we made sure the hostages were safe, was to -- determine if there were going to be any explosions. during the negotiation was the suspect, we saw him with a switch, appeared to be a switch in his hand. it had a little wire coming out of it which may have indicated that it was a -- a radio switch to explosive device. he would take a pin out of the switch and put it back in and occasionally. so the first thing we needed to do was to ensure that any device in there was rendered safe. he had four devices on him, two propane tanks, and the kind that you would use going camping. the propane tanks had pipes with shotgun shells attached to them. he also had two pipe bombs that contained fireworks type
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explosives in the pipe bomb. we needed to get -- took four hours for the bomb squad to render all of those devices safe. then they started working and worked through the night on the other device. >> quite a laundry list you gave us there. in terms of the hostages, they, of course, were let go. were they able to tell you, did he say anything to them at any point to give you any further sense of why he decided to do this on that day at that time? >> well, i'm not sure why he chose that day and that time. you about the hostages who were very courageous throughout the ordeal, tremendous ads miration for their courage, they were hearing one side of the conversation we were having him with over the span of four hours. we were on the phone with him for most of that time. he repeatedly said he was ready to die. they certainly hearing only his side of conversation had to just be terrified with what they were hearing. >> i can only imagine. so thankful that it all did end
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for them well. we appreciate your time this morning. thanks. >> thank you. lots more news to get to this morning. betty nguyen is at the news desk and has it for us now. >> good morning. the first direct mideast peace talks in nearly two years kick off at the state department this morning. secretary of state hillary clinton is sitting down with israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu and palestinian president mahmoud abbas. cbs news senior white house correspondent bill plante has more. good morning, bill. >> reporter: good morning, betty. president obama, like every modern american president, trying to make peace in the middle east. he brought together the prime minister of israel, president of the palestinian authority, and along with the leaders of the region, jordan. >> do we have wisdom and courage to walk the path of peace? >> reporter: gathered in the east room of the white house, after president obama had met each of them separately, the leaders voiced hope for a breakthrough. >> i'm prepared to walk down the
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path of peace. >> reporter: all then joined president obama for a private meal in the state dining room. ing the goal is to have a peace pact between palestinian in a year's time. they have been saying the same for decades. the border of a palestinian state, israeli security, status of jerusalem, and the right of palestinian refugees to return. moratorium on israeli construction in jerusalem in the west bank expires september 26th. unless there is a compromise to extend it, the talks could fail before they begin. >> no one has ever gone broke being pes mick particular about the middle east pause because of the failures of the past. >> reporter: middle east peace make sing a dede tail of sad endings and very few happy endings. this time is there is some guarded optimism the. the reason is the u.s., palestinian authority have a common enemy. and that is iran. betty? >> bill plan at the white house.
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wait as contentious first debate in california's high profile senate race last night. the battle between democratic incumbent barbara boxer and republican carly fiorina could determine which party control it is senate. boxer was critical of fiorina's tenure as ceo of hewlett-packard while fiorina claims boxer -- >> boxer has been in washington, d.c., for 28 long years. the results of her policies are devastating for this state. in the last 20 months alone our unemployment rated has goen from 10.2% to 12.3%. when she was ceo of hewlett-packard before she was terminated actually, she shipped 30,000 jobs overseas. >> boxer is running for a third term and pulled off narrow election victories in the past. this may be her toughest challenge. to the economy and wall street where except is off to a solid start. cbs news business and economic correspondent rebecca jarvis is
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at the new york stock exchange. good morning, rebecca. >> good morning. we got a fresh batch of upbeat economic data this morning. looking at the markets and where they stand right now. here is a live look. of course, yesterday it was a great day for the stock market and it was the best day for the dow since may of this year. this morning, traders are focusing in on retail sales data, retailers across the board and reported sales for the month of august and they are looking somewhat upbeat from costc onto macy's. more people were out, spending more money than analysts anticipated on back-to-school shopping. on the jobs picture, this is the number where everyone is always watching. so many people, 25 million in this country, currently unemployed. we are following the numbers very closely. what we saw in the last week is that jobless claims, number of layoffs, actually decreased. second week in a row, tomorrow we will get the jobs report for august. rebecca jarvis, cbs news. rapper t.i. was arrested last tonight on drug charges.
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he and his wife were picked up during a traffic stop in west hollywood. the authorities say that officers smelled marijuana coming from their car. t.i. was leased from prison in the illegal firearms possession. he is in the new movie "takers." a newly released video shows what can happen if you fall asleep at the wall. take a look. an suv swerving off the road and smashing into a convenience store. it happened last month in massachusetts. amazingly, no one was hurt. a little base-brawl, if will you. actually it was a pretty big brawl. marlins pitcher threw at nationals outfielder morgan. punches were thrown. the first check of the national weather. hey, dave. >> all right. good morning to you, betty. lot to go through here. of course we talked about the hurricane at the top of the show. we will continue to watch that all morning on the evening news. let's take a look at the map for
7:16 am
the rest of the country. sunny skies. 70s to 90s. range from the coastline inland. southwest we are going to see triple digit temperatures continue. vegas up to 104. phoenix, 107. and as you head to places like marine and so medford, even into sections of the southwest like el paso, you are going to see high heat. along the west coast, nice, 70s. lay three san francisco, northern plains, mixture of sun and clouds ask cooler
7:17 am
that's a quick look at the weather fixer. guys, you can see the sun pushing through the outer bands of clouds which are accompanying the system rolling on through. it is going to get bad as we head through this afternoon and into any. lot of people making that decision on whether or not to leave. >> beautiful this morning. thanks so much, dave. >> beautiful skies. >> still ahead this morning, amanda knox's family says she didn't kill her roommate in italy. now a former fbi agent says they are right. he will tell us why. >> also, no kid gloves when it comes to rehab for this 2-year-old smoker.
7:18 am
impossible to forget this video. she just out of rehab. we will tell you exclusively if it worked and if he is ready to give up the cigarette for good. >> revealing look behind the scenes of sarah palin's political crusade. we will have that, too. 'll have that, too, on "the early show" on cbs. vegetables have important vitamins and minerals that can really help protect you. and v8 juice gives you three of your five daily servings. powerful, right? v8. what's your number?
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fresh of sights. taking a look at the amanda knox case. this was botch prosecuted the very beginning, everything, he says, indicates she's innocent and we will have his story. >> that's huge. also this morning we will check in exclusively with the smoking bay with you from indonesia and see if the rehab worked for this 2-year-old. save money. live better. walmart. ♪ ooh, ooh
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good morning. it's 7:25. in the headlines, vallejo police found uranium in materials for making explosives at a house where two women's bodies were located. the discoveries were part of the investigation into four murders and a missing person all related to a man killed by law officers in richmond on tuesday night. there is still no word on what caused a 30-acre grassfire that briefly threatened homes in american canyon. more than 100 firefighters tackled that fire. it broke out just after 3:00 yesterday afternoon. no injuries. oakland police chief disagrees with the oakland police officers union about the impact of police layoffs. the union points to an 8% increase in crime since the cutbacks in july. those are specific crimes, though. the chief says the crime usually goes up in the summer
7:26 am
and that violent crime has actually dropped. traffic and weather right after this. having the right real estate agent on your side is more important than ever. at, you can find the experts you need, whether you're trying to sell of hoping to buy. nobody sells more real estate than re/max.
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so, we set out to discoverour cat the nutritional sciencesible in some of nature's best ingredients. that's how we created purina one with smartblend. nutritionally optimized with real salmon, wholesome grains and essential antioxidants, for strong muscles, vital energy, a healthy immune system, and a real difference in your cat. purina one improved with smartblend. discover what one can do. good morning. we still have major gridlock for the cruz mountains on northbound and southbound highway 17 now. here's some video taken from chopper 5 just a short time
7:28 am
ago. got an overturned big rig trailer hauling thousands of pounds of beer. still blocking both southbound lanes of highway 17 at summit road. chp right now is briefly directing southbound traffic into the northbound lanes so they can get around it. northbound traffic is really slow from scotts valley and southbound 17 backing up close to a mile. quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza where it's backed up to the maze. that's your traffic. here's lawrence with your forecast. >> weather looking good. you like the hot temperatures? we got them for you today. haven't seen many of them all year long but boy, it's looking good right now. lots of sunshine, a little haze out toward the coastline. you know, going to see the fog develop later on but for today for the most part looking good. 100 degrees inland, bay 80s, 90s. out at the coastline, let's plan on temperatures mainly in the 70s. now, looks like things change maybe as early as this afternoon. going to see some low clouds and fog along the coast.
7:29 am
7:30 am
all kinds of people on the plaza this morning. we'll get outside and get a chance to meet some of them in a little while as we welcome you back to the "early show." coming up, the latest on this internet shocker. you remember aldi, the chain-smoking toddler from indonesia. >> how can you forget him? >> because the video popped up. we said, is this real or not real? we sent cameras there to find out. and then as authorities began to realize that there was this 2-year-old kid smoking cigarettes, they said, he needs to go to rehab. so, for the last month he's been in rehab. we have exclusive details of his struggles to stop smoking. >> not easy at any age.
7:31 am
he was smoking a couple packs a day, too. also ahead, conan o'brien has big plans for his new show. according to the only small thing about it is the title, small just because it's short. conan is going to call it -- >> he said the "n" looks like a "w". first, an update on the amanda knox story. the student from seattle was convicted of murder in italy last year. now a former fbi agent has taken a close look at the case and has begun to ask the question, was this young woman wrongfully convicted? >> reporter: for nearly three years amanda knox has been in an italian prison. she's currently appealing her conviction for the november 2007 murder of her roommate, 2 21-year-old meredith kercher. she was sentenced to 20 years in prison, her former boyfriend,
7:32 am
raffaele solletico, was also prosecuted. prosecutes say the two slit her throat. the family says prosecution had no physical evidence linking amanda to the crime scene and she was co-herselfed into giving a confession after hours of badgering by police. steve moore, a retired fbi agent, followed the amanda knox trial and had no doubt she was guilty. that was until his wife, watching a cbs news "48 hours" mystery late last year on the knox case became convinced she was innocent. moore investigated, examining trial transcripts, police and autopsy reports and analyzing videotape of police gathering evidence at the crime scene. what he didn't see was any evidence for the prosecution's theory. >> and retired fbi agent steve moore is here to tell us more about what he found out. good morning. >> good morning. >> i want to go back and set the record straight. as this story was unfolding in
7:33 am
the media over the last couple of years, what was your impression of what was going on there? >> i thought she was probably guilty. i mean, she was arrested. she was -- everything i was hearing from the news indicated to me she was arrested. they were saying things like, she did a bleach clean-up, all sorts of stuff, that i later found out wasn't true. >> right. was it your wife who had seen a "48 hours" -- >> yeah. my wife watched a "48 hours" and came to me and said, steve, what about this girl, she's innocent. i said, people who are arrested always say they're innocent and tried to prove to her why the show had overreached. >> but then as you started to pay attention to it, what did you start to think? >> i started to wonder what was going on. there was no evidence that would support her conviction. i started looking and looking. the more i looked, the more concerned i got till i realized there wasn't anything there. >> one of your contentiouses is that it's literally a physical
7:34 am
impossibility for her and her boyfriend to have been in this space where this young woman was murdered because? >> because when a person -- it's hard to talk about, but when a person dies from losing blood, you lose about two liters of broad. this was a very small room. imagine just throwing two liters of blood all over the floor of this room. very small room. if three people were in there, there would be footprints, hand prints, palm prints, hairs -- they said there was a struggle on so there would be hairs from all three of them. they were a drifter, allegedly, amanda and raffaele. there was nothing from amanda and raffaele, nothing. the drifter left palm prints, bloody fingerprints, dna, he left everything all over the room. there was all that for one person. there was not anything for amanda and raffaele.
7:35 am
>> when you think about it, just take a step away to think about a scene like that, that much blood all over the floor, there would had to have been some physical evidence left there. as best you know, as best as has been corroborated by looking through all the evidence, there is none. >> there is none. i have looked through hours, hours of the crime scene video. i have seen the crime scene video that was started when the police arrived. there is nothing to put them in that room. >> i want to jump to the confession. what is the thing you guys -- you prosecutors say about confessions? >> well, which one are you going for? >> well, the one about, you can always get the confession it's harder -- >> yeah, yeah. the bad joke is you can always -- i can convict anyone. it's just the innocent take a little more time. >> and so in terms of her
7:36 am
up next, he shocked the world.
7:37 am
this 2-year-old baby smoking up to 40 cigarettes a day. we'll get you the exclusive details on how he's doing in rehab. on "the early show" next. hey, parker, want to race home? bet i could beat you there. [ male announcer ] with its 43 safety features, like the parkview rear back-up camera... hi, sweetie. there you are. [ male announcer ] ...electronic vehicle information center, and rear cross path detection system,
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it is impossible to forget the video that popped up a couple months ago showing a 2-year-old indonesian boy chain smoking. it sparked worldwide outrage, a lot of disbelief, too. cbs news was the first to find the boy and his family. betty nguyen is here now with an update on his condition. it looked too wild to be true, but it was. >> but it was, unfortunately. people still talking about this story. the smoking toddler has now entered rehab, erica. we have an exclusive update on his condition. >> reporter: it was these disturbing images, an indonesian boy smoking like a seasoned pro that captivated the world. >> he's not even out of diapers. >> this is kild abuse. >> the baby that smokes? >> reporter: a cbs news news team traveled in search of the boy. our crew found aldi suganda.
7:41 am
>> translator: i don't know what will happen in the future. we surely hope he will quit. but what can we do but accept it as it is? >> reporter: given the intense interest in this story, we wanted to see how the child was doing now, two months later. aldi and his mother were taken to jakarta for intensive medical and psych lodge s psychological. a trip paid for by the government. >> translator: i brought him i came forher child smoke what would be his last cigarette. in the morning, despite his mother's optimism, aldi was not happy when he arrived at the hospital and was denied a cigarette. it would be hard for any parent
7:42 am
to bear as aldi smashed his head on the floor. over the next two days he underwent a battery of tests, including a chest x-ray, ultrasound on his heart and lungs. results showed a thickening on the left wall of his heart. >> translator: from 2007 to 2009 the youngest smokers found were 5 to 9 years old. this year we found there are baby mosmokers who start from a year old. >> reporter: indonesia has no regulations against the tobacco industry. more than 30% of children here smoke a cigarette before the age of 10. >> translator: unhealthy children will be the future generation of our country. it is genocide. >> reporter: in trying to limit his nicotine withdrawal symptoms, aldi participates in play therapy to keep his mind occupied. >> translator: through play therapy we will lead him back to the beauty of childhood play. if it can be done well, i am
7:43 am
optimistic aldi will stop smoking. >> translator: he has had a lot to smoke, three to four packs a day. i hope he does not have any diseases because he has now stopped smoking. >> reporter: at nearly a month without smoking, the true test begins, as aldi will now return to his village where hopes are high but temptation is everywhere. >> aldi and his mother will fly back to their village today. interestingly enough, it will be the local government's job to make sure aldi is properly cared for in the future and to make sure he does not start smoking again. >> so, they have to monitor that in. >> it is up to them. >> so, he just left. he wasn't smoking while he was in rehab. we'll see how that plays out. there's a press conference this morning about his condition. how is he a month after? >> we learned a couple things. one, the smoking has had no effect on his health, believe it or not. the question is, why does he have this heart condition where it's enlarged? so, there's a thickening on the left wall. we learned that is because he is obese.
7:44 am
and that causes his heart to work even harder. >> that's a separate issue. you said the local government has to monitor this, but obviously something has to happen at home. is his mother or father given any tools to help him? she looks like she needs help. >> absolutely. she was given treatment, therapy there, and essentially it's parental skills basically given to say, look, when he cries or he wants something, don't give him a cigarette. don't give him food. play therapy is really the answer right now. >> and that thing that's hard for so many parents to say no and stand your ground, especially when you have a wailing toddler on your hand. conan o'brien want to be just like cher and madonna. how so? it's not about the costumes. that's your hint. stay with us. for all the moments that make every day special. fancy feast created a way to celebrate any moment. fancy feast appetizers. simple high quality ingredients like wild alaskan salmon,
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over the last year to watch the conan o'brien saga unfold. >> yes, yes, it has. >> losing his job, jay comes back. all that -- >> the emmy nomination. >> exactly. right, we were on the edge of our seat sunday night, will he win? anyway, he decided to go to tbs. >> right. >> now the question has become, what do you call a show like that? >> right. because it can't be -- it's obviously not "the tonight show" which he left. >> right. >> it can't be "the late show" because that name is taken. >> he went on youtube yesterday to make an announcement. >> we've had thousands of people working round the clock and we have got it. drum roll, please. it's more of a cat purring, sorry. and, bang! there it is. conan. simple, pure, like the man himself. actually, this "n" looks like a
7:49 am
"w," cowan. >> it was pretty funny. >> you want to see it, you should go on youtube and check out the video. >> when you talk about what you watched last fight, we will say we were watching letterman, but you do go with one name. >> you never say "the late show". >> no, no. >> you always say i was watching letterman and, and -- or do you say craig or ferguson? >> i think i say craig ferguson. i do the whole name. aren't you special, craig ferguson, full name? look at that. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. [ male announcer ] how about we open up a whole can of getting it done? and get this year's colors up on the wall...this year. let's get better prices... and better paint. let's break out the drop cloths,
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shoes, accessories, and 80% off home! did we mention our red zone clearance final markdowns are 80% off? who knew shopping could be so rewarding? they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together.
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meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california. in our next hour you'll meet an extraordinary young woman. she's been on the program before to talk about a story that a lot of people in the country were talking about. a woman in her 20s ended up having a stroke.
7:53 am
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7:55 am
it is 7:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. vallejo police say they found uranium and materials for making explosives at a house where the bodies of two women were located. the discovery is all part of the investigation into four murders and a missing person. all are related to a man killed during a confrontation with an officer in richmond tuesday night. the two major candidates in california's u.s. senate race went head to head in moraga last night. the event at st. mary's college is the only scheduled debate between democratic incumbent barbara boxer and republican challenger carly fiorina. they sparred over issues including environment, abortion, gun rights and the economy. santa clara high school had an emergency blood drive
7:56 am
in honor of a fremont officer critically injured in the line of duty. santa clara high is officer todd young's alma mater. traffic and weather right after this. stay with us. ,, save up to $500 on sealy posturepedic, beauty rest and serta mattresses! even get 3 years interest free financing on tempurpedic, the most recommended bed in america! plus get free same day delivery but this special financing offer ends labor day at sleep train. superior service, best selection, lowest price guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
7:57 am
good morning. both southbound lanes of highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains have been blocked unfortunately for the last hour and a half. i have an overturned tractor-
7:58 am
trailer carrying a float of beer blocking both of those southbound lanes. so obviously southbound traffic is really jammed for at least a quarter mile. northbound also very slow as you head up towards los gatos. have a traffic alert in effect. in oakland, new accident reported westbound 580 as you approach high street. just starting to get slow there. and out to the dumbarton bridge, where we are getting word of an accident now as you approach the westbound highway 84 toll plaza one lane may be blocked there. and at the bay bridge, it is backed you want well into the macarthur maze. here's lawrence with your forecast. >> the heat is on around the bay area. temperatures around the 60s in most spots. clear over the city of san francisco. just about everywhere you go it's clear. high pressure is going to crank up the temperatures with the offshore winds. some places headed toward the triple digits as we head in toward the afternoon. inland 103 in the hot spots. 80s and 90s inside the bay and out toward the coastline, let's plan on some 70s, maybe couple of low 80s. we'll cool down as early as this afternoon, may see a couple of patches of fog along
7:59 am
the coastline. more fog over the weekend. [ male announcer ] have something you love doing? cheerios could be your ticket to do it. big time. you could win a once in a lifetime chance to live your passion by choosing from t never-dreamed-possible prizes. from a customized v.i.p. vacation, to a hollywood red carpet experience, to cooking with a celebrity chef, and more. find details on specially marked boxes of cheerios. why cheerios? because whatever you love doing, you'll need a healthy heart to do it.
8:00 am
♪ ♪ welcome back to "the early show." thursday morning. erica hill along with harry. >> last year after harvard professor gates was arrested outside his home, we interviewed his 20-something daughter, elizabeth. wonderful young woman. we were stunned to find out that just a couple of months ago she had a stroke that left her unable to read, write, or even speak. she's had a dramatic recovery and we are going to speak with her about her experience in an exclusive interview. >> it is scarey because it is
8:01 am
weird to hear a person so young having a stroke. . you know you probably -- you know who you should not travel with this labor day weekend. you don't want to travel with earl. if you already have plans to go do a destination where earl has set sites or looking for a good deal, we will help you with all of that. peter greenberg is here. everything you need to know about travel thing weekend no matter where you are going and also great last-minute deals for you procrastinators or for people that like a good deal. >> dave price is stand big in the outer banks of north carolina and has the latest on earl. and this storm -- this storm just does not go away. it is still a very big story. right, dave? >> absolutely, harry. we have new information coming through. forg
8:02 am
8:03 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by priority mail flat rate boxes only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. >> keep in mind now that it has >> keep in mind now it has this north-northwest projectory as expectped. people on higher alert as we head to places like ocean city, maryland, into the area around long island and cape cod. and that's -- of course, where we find elaine quijano on long
8:04 am
island. more on northeast preparations. good morning, elaine. >> good morning to you dave. already as you can see behind me here in the northeast, the surf is churning and authorities, as you noted, are very much on alert urging people to be prepared. as you mentioned as well a far north as massachusetts, a hurricane watch issued for parts that stay state. meantime here on the coast of new york's long island, a tropical storm warning is in effect as well. and we talked to a lifeguard yesterday. he was already concerned about the powerful waves in and dangerous rip currents as well as the people flocking to the beach here this labor day weekend. just here on this beach alone yesterday, lifeguards had to pull four people from the water. and the wind and waves are only expected to get worse. as hurricane earl approaches. that's it from here. west hampton beach. now let's go back to new york and betty nguyen at the news desk. good morning to you at home. we are learning more about the gunman that burst into the
8:05 am
discovery channel's headquarters. three people were taken hostage by james lee yesterday. he had a gun in what looked like pipe bombs. lee said he hated the network's shows because they promoted population growth. during stand-off he talked to a tv producer by phone. >> do you have a gun? >> i have a gun. i have a bomb. i have several bombs strapped to my body ready to go off. >> this morning, police chief major told eric lee was not bluffing. >> he had four devices on him. there were two propane tanks and the kind that you would use going camping. the propane tanks had pipe with shotgun shells attached to them. he also had two pipe bombs. >> lee had a history of protesting at discovery. on his website he demanded discovery air programming against overpopulation. no one that worked in fwilding was hurt. officials at the company that makes the wrinkle smoothing drug
8:06 am
botox are headed to court in wash today to pay a huge fine. they weral mid the botox marketing campaign misled doctors to use the drug for unapproved purposes. ranging from headaches to cerebral palsy. they agreed to pay $600 million in fines to federal and state government. finally, this is beverly hills day. ryan seacrest and larry king will be leading the celebration there. the is a unique day. september 2, 2010, or 90210 which is the beverly hills zip code and the title of two tv series in the '90s and now on cw network. happy beverly hills day. up next, just four months ago at age 28, she was severely disabled by a stroke. elizabeth gates tells us about her remarkable recovery. doing the shipping. man, it would be a lot easier
8:07 am
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hi, a number two please?
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8:10 am
this morning's health watch, young people and strokes. one-third of americans who have stokes are under age 65. sometimes they are much younger than that. elizabeth gates had a severe stroke four months ago when she was just 28. before we speak with her, listen to her story. after ang an evening at bachelorette party this past may, 28-year-old elizabeth gates woke up with what she thought was a hangover. >> i called my friends and i went and got them because i tried to say like what the hell is going on. but i could only say "what p". >> reporter: elizabeth suffered a stroke. her mind harmed. the bright portion of this image reveals just how much of her brain tissue was destroyed. >> she was not able to read, write, repeat, and her xreng was impaired. she was severely disabled with her stroke when we saw her
8:11 am
initially. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: we first met elizabeth on t"the early show" last year after her as if was arrested in his cambridge home by a white police officer. the racially charged debate that followed led to last summer's beer summit at the white house. >> i think we will rely on what our proceed conceived notions of race have been for so long. >> reporter: within a year the woman that spoke so eloquently about her father was left without a voice. >> i just was than going to be let her be impaired without a fight. >> reporter: her parents were determined to help her recover. >> may mother was a genius and got me the english roseta stone. i would spend one hour in speech pathology and the rest of the day doing english rosetta stone trips to the hospital, elizabeth's mother pointed out everything from stop signs to street lamps.
8:12 am
>> for two solid months we were just together in the car practicing words, you know, identifying objects, just rebuilding her brain. >> reporter: before her stroke, elizabeth worked as a writer for the popular website the daily beast. a career doctors believe may have helped her recover even faster. >> being a writer, it does help kind of stimulate the brain because the brain does try to rewire itself. >> reporter: just four months since her stroke, elizabeth is back at home. and back at work, too. >> congratulations. >> reporter: her recovery continues to amaze her doctors and family. >> she is a phenomenal woman. i am proud to be her mother. >> elizabeth gates joins us now along with dr. jennifer ashton. good morning. >> hi. >> as i became aware of this
8:13 am
story, i knew that you were going to come in to chat with us, i'm going to ask questions that may sound dumb. do you remember being here last summer? >> yes, yeah. >> i'm curious. you are a person we can have a real conversation about, about having a stroke and the effects of that. >> yeah. >> did you come to after you were hospitalized, your brain is working? >> when i first got into the car with my girlfriends, they asked me to write the alphabet. i could only get up to the letter "l." then i don't remember anything after that. and when my doctor -- the doctor you saw, i was in the hospital, and he was asking me to touch my ear and my nose. i couldn't do it. >> you didn't know what they were. remarkable that you have to literally rebuild your brain basically from scratch. >> it was fascinating process.
8:14 am
>> that's an interesting way of putting it. was it arduous? >> yes. it was hard. it was hard. >> even now, though, do you -- are you symptom-free? or are there longer lasting effects? what's it like now? >> i still suffer from -- some of the words i try to say are harder for me to get out than others. but i mean, i feel fine. >> right. you look great. >> thanks. >> from tyou can think it, somes can't articulate it? >> oh, my gosh, yeah. when i was at home with my parents i wanted to say so much but i come say limited words. >> what was it like then since -- because subsequently now, just recently, have you written another piece. >> yeah. >> for the daily beast. what was it like having gone through all of this over the last several months, this is just several months. >> yeah. >> to then see your name back on
8:15 am
the screen again and have a piece on that site. >> i was not planning on doing it. i'm not a fool. tina brown said to do it. i just got it together and i did it. it was cathartic. i had to trace back through my experiences so much and i just got down to the business of accepting it. and she made me go back through the struggle that i went through. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, i can see that. i can see that. this is so phenomenally rare for someone elizabeth's age to have a stroke like that. is there a way to account for it? >> well, we know that one out of three strokes occur in younger people. i think that the important thing is obviously elizabeth is such a fighter. her spirit is so strong. you can see that and hear that coming through. you about the young people are really not atune to the signs and symptoms of strokes as much as older people are because it is not just in our repertoire, in our day-to-day, we might not be aware that inability to speak
8:16 am
or slurring speech or a facial droop, one side of your face drooping, or losing the feeling in one side of your body are signs. and she did the right thing. she went immediately to the hospital and it is even the doctors didn't suspect it in initial. >> i because of your age. >> right. >> i am so happy to see you. i am so happy to know that you are back and clicking away on those keys. what a recovery. we thank you very much for sharing your story. >> thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> really, really appreciate it. you bet. up next, is earl blowing away your weekend plans? we will have last-minute travel deals for labor day when we come back. have last minute travel plans for labor day when we come back. >> announcer: "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by benefiber, a better you from the inside out. that's the beauty of benefiber. all-natural benefiber. the fiber supplement that's tasteless and dissolves completely. to make getting fiber easier.
8:17 am
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8:19 am
the last big summer weekend starts tomorrow. if you haven't made your labor day plans yet or perhaps hurricane earl may be threatening to mess up your getaway, the good news is you have options. cbs news travel editor peter greenberg is here, and you have important tips and advice for folks who may have booked travel this weekend in the path of hurricane earl. >> yes. let's start with that. any time you have a disruption like this or potential disruption, it's not a question of whether your flight is listed on time. you need to know where your plane is assigned to your flight. before you go to the airport, you call up and say, is my plane on time? dwre, they will lie. you need to go one step further and say, can you give me the aircraft number assigned to my flight? they'll do that. and then say, where is that aircraft number? it's in belize? i guess i'm not going to cleveland. planes get realigned and so do flight crews. >> if you're looking at your flight and you say, i think i have insurance, i don't have to worry -- if your flight is canceled for some reason, is it
8:20 am
going to be covered inturns insurancewise. >> once a hurricane is a named storm, in this case earl was named on august 29th, all bets are off. you can't buy fire insurance when there's already a fire. in that case the bets are off. if you have the insurance, of course, you're covered. each policy is different based in terms of what they'll cover in terms of your actual cost of travel or delayed cost. >> that's a separate issue. you need to check your policy. for people who are looking to get away and looking for a last minute deal, is it worth looking into some areas where maybe earl may have just passed through? >> yes. it's a little gamble but prices are great. we have a number of sales. american airlines has a deal if you fly on the 4th, 5th or 109 of september the deals are under $100 each way on every route, 150 different kinds of flight. frontier airlines has a deal good through november 17th for
8:21 am
fares about $107 to many destinations and resorts in mexico. >> you mentioned the days. the days are very important for holiday week en. saturday, sunday and then wednesday? >> yes. the thing is if you're going to fly tomorrow or want to come back on labor day, you know, who are you kidding? >> you'll pay for it. >> and there's also a surcharge on that. airlines do surcharges are 60 separate dates this year over and above their airfare. >> they're surcharging everything. you mentioned the resorts in mexico. give me some specifics. i think you have one family-friendly and one pore couples? >> right. family-friendly they're discounting two and three days at a time. the all-exclusive are $270. >> a night? >> yes. >> that's a great, great deal. >> back in this country, you say, if you can, drive. >> yes. >> if you can drive to vegas, you'll get a deal. >> right. they're doing discount --
8:22 am
they've been doing discounts all year long but especially this weekend. 20%, 30%, 40% off depending on how many nights you stay at the palms or other resorts where they do 30% across the board. that's the advertised price. you could ask for additional resort credits. after all, unsold rooms are money they can't recoop. >> if you don't make money at the tables -- >> what do you mean if you don't. you won't make money at the tables. >> florida, do we have to worry about places in florida in terms of the oil spill? any damage left over in. >> a lot of places in florida are offering clean beach guarantees. not a bad deal. and doing 30% off in clearwater beach, florida, relatively new resort, hyatt, discounting across the board. >> it is a beautiful area along the gulf. peter, great to have you. we love the dips and -- the tips and the deals. >> i love the dips. >> the dips in the ocean are ni nice. >> nice rove. >> you can of course logon
8:23 am
to our website, still ahead here on "the early show," we're giving some shelter dogs a new look to help early show," we're giving some shelter dogs a new look to help them,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:24 am
8:25 am
vallejo police say they found uranium and materials for making explosives... at a house where th women were good morning. it's 8:25. vallejo police found uranium and materials for making explosives at a house where the bodies of two women were located. the discoveries were part of the investigation into four murders and a missing person. all are related to a man who was killed during a confrontation with officers in richmond on tuesday night. in two hours, an independent auditor will be presenting its report on pg&e's smartmeters and billing system. dozens of people have blamed smartmeters than higher than average bills. some bay area cities have even passed resolutions against the meters. >> and another round of steep cuts could be on the way for a.c. transit. the transit agency proposed eliminating about half its weekend routes and most of its late night lines to help balance its budget.
8:26 am
the transit agency is trying to save $15 million. the board will look over the proposed cuts and vote later this month. if approved, those cuts will take effect in december. traffic and weather right after this. ,,,, caitlin: i was diagnosed with scoliosis. when you're 16, nobody wants to go through back surgery. my doctor has letters and pictures of other kids who've gone through the same thing on his walls and that really helped me not be as scared.
8:27 am
i'm not worried about my back anymore. i wanna do that again! announcer: at sutter health, our story is you. for more stories, visit
8:28 am
slow on northbound 101 approaching the lawrence expressway. three lanes are blocked due to a new crash there. look at the line of backup extending almost to the 280 interchange. speaking of that, we can see a lot of slow traffic as well coming into downtown san jose on 280. this is right by the 880 interchange. it remains slow until you continue towards highway 85. down the eastshore freeway, we had an earlier accident near university in berkeley and it's still slow in patches from highway 4 in hercules down to berkeley. once you get closer to ashby where our camera is, speeds improve quite a bit as you head toward the macarthur maze. here's lawrence with the forecast. >> the weather today looking hazy outside. lots of sunshine going to crank up those temperatures too as high pressure in control, likely to stay that way for today but things changing off the coastline already, patchy fog out there. but numbers, boy, it's going to be hot in spots, 100 plus in many spots inland. 80s and 90s inside the bay. 70s and 80s at the coast. but at the coast, maybe patchy fog moving in there late in the day more on the way for tomorrow.
8:29 am
everywhere over the weekend cooling things off. [ female announcer ] we can't live in a bubble. but what we can do is arm ourselves for the ones we love with a flu shot from walgreens. ♪ [ coughs ] [ female announcer ] with the most pharmacists certified to immunize... [ sneezes ] ...and walk-ins welcome everyday, we're making it easy for everyone to get their flu shot, no matter how small their motivation may be. ♪ so stop by and get your flu shot today at walgreens. there's a way to stay well. get 80% savings on final markdowns, including 80% off clothes, shoes, accessories, and 80% off home! did we mention our red zone clearance final markdowns are 80% off?
8:30 am
who knew shopping could be so rewarding? jcpenney. got a great crowd on the plaza again today. and very quickly we want to say good morning again to our friends from team challenge crohn's that comes to visit us very quickly. >> we're training people for las vegas half marathon. it's at >> thank you for coming back. really appreciate it. welcome back to "the early show." coming up, what do you do when you can't stop texting? we started this conversation yesterday. >> that's a tough one. >> when digital communication becomes a full-fledged addiction. yesterday we asked you to send us your questions about high-tech problems.
8:31 am
this morning our panel of experts are going to have some answers that you can use. >> i'm guilty of that. also ahead, we've watched sarah palin go from a small town hockey morning, mayor to international celebrity. that kind of sudden fame can change anyone. it certainly changed her, according to a rather unflattering new article in "vanity fair" magazine. we'll speak with the author of that article, who followed palin, spoke to dozens of people that know her. >> i love this segment coming up. some puppies have arrived here this morning in desperate need of a bath and a clip. our team of groomers has been giving them a doggy makeover, if you will, to get them ready for adoption. resident vet dr. debbye turner bell is here to show you how to rescue a shelter dog. aren't they pretty? >> i have one at home. first back to dave in north carolina on the outer banks for one more look at earl this morning. >> all right. folks, as you take a look,
8:32 am
bright sunshine through the clouds but it will change

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